EAS Accessories

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is one of the best preventions of shoplifting that is widely used by retail stores, libraries, and department stores. Special tags are placed on the merchandise which are deactivated or removed by the clerk when the item is properly purchased. There are sensors that are located at the exits that sound alarms when an item with a tag that has not been cleared by the clerk passes through.

Markang Packaging carries all sorts of EAS devices, such as tags, detachers, and pins. The hard tags are usually used for clothing articles as they can be attached through the cloth very easily. Our hard tags are the highest quality tags that will deliver results and sound the alarm whenever someone tries to shoplift. With a special detacher, it makes it almost impossible for the shoppers to discreetly remove them without the detacher.

The Lanyard Tags that we also carry are very special as they come in two different sizes and may be placed on products that are not as simple as shirts and pants. They can be placed on shoes, sunglasses, watches, etc. Anything that you can loop it around! The Lanyard Tags will deliver the same exceptional qualities as our hard tags.