Jewelry Display

Jewelry displays are molded forms that allow a retailer to portray their finely crafted goods in poses that are both natural and breathtaking.  Because they’re often sculpted like the parts of the body that will ultimately bear a specific type of jewelry, they encourage the customer to imagine how a bracelet, watch, or necklace would look on their own loved one.  Often made from unadorned black and white polystyrene, their simplicity and elegance draw attention to the beauty of the sale items themselves. 

Alternately, showcase, T-bar, and other less anthropomorphic style displays are designed to show more than one piece of jewelry or decoration at the same time.  These are often a series of pieces within the same set or collection, however various brands can be displayed together for the convenience of the shopper.

Markang Packaging offers both figurine and showcase-style jewelry displays.  Polystyrene Figure 234 is designed to emulate the graceful lines of a woman’s hands, so as to exhibit bracelets, rings, and watches, while PB22 is modeled after a gracile female foot, on which toe rings and ankle bracelets can be adorned.  Models PB18 and PB29 are busts that allow the retailer to portray how necklaces, scarves, and earrings would appear when being worn together.  Our extensive line of necklines, as well, are also excellent for demonstrating the beauty of whatever necklaces the retailer carries.

We also offer many showcase collections, T-bars, watch, earring, and ring displays that can aid the retailer in viewing multiple brands or a series within one line at a single glance.  Such displays are often essential for buyers who are not yet familiar with the variations found within a type of jewelry or accessory.  If positioned atop a jewelry cabinet, they can also help specific brands stand out from others by bringing examples closer to the patron’s eye level.