Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are bags that are molded from refined organic polymers.  Because of their elasticity and resistance to moisture, they are ideal for carrying items in poor weather conditions or in situations where several heavy items must be carried at once.  They are a necessity for any retailer who offers items that are intended to be taken home by the customer.

Though Markang Packaging specializes in the printing of bags that can be customized for any business, we also offer a series of plain plastic bags.  The CHB 17” Plain is a 13” x 17” blue bag that comes in packages of 500.  The white or blue CHB 13” Plain also comes in packages of 500 and is slightly smaller at 11” x 13”.  Heftier and larger, the CHB 22.5” Plain comes in yellow, red, white, or blue and is produced at 300 per package.  It measures 16+4” x 22.5”.  Another large bag, the 14+3” x 20” CHB 20” Plain also comes in packages of 300 and the color blue.

In addition to plain plastic bags, Markang Packaging offers T-shirt and Die Cut Handle bags, which are intended for in-store use by retailers, Dry Cleaner Poly, Garment, and Zipper Garment bags, which are manufactured to carry and protect clothing items, both for clothiers and dry cleaners, Reclosable Poly bags, which use adhesive openings to seal loose items, and trash liners, which are durable bags designed to handle large loads of refuse.