T-shirt Bags

T-Shirt bags are bags that have handles that are a part of the bag itself and appear to come up from its sides like the sleeves of a t-shirt. Because their sides are pulled inward while being carried, T-shirt bags are ideal for carrying small yet relatively heavy items like perfume bottles or jewelry boxes or several larger items that need to be kept in order while the shopper is traveling elsewhere. Their cut and shape make them both simple to manufacture and easy for a clerk or cashier to store at their station.

Markang Packaging offers dozens of different plastic T-shirt bags, many of which are available in packages of between 800 and 3000 bags. The popular 6” x 9” MDB series comes in black or white and is well suited for boutiques that sell multiple small items. In contrast, the TXXL and TXXXL bags measure 20+8” x 34” and 24+8” x 38”, respectively. Within this range we offer over 18 different bag size and color combinations.