Price Labels and Labelers

Modern retailing has been made easier by labeling guns that allow salespeople and clerks to rapidly label large quantities of stock at one time.  Whereas shopkeepers of the past had to manually write out the price of every item they had for display in their stores, today’s businesses can use labels and labelers to save time and labor while marking up their products.  The appeal of their products is also complimented by the many available label colors.

Markang Packaging offers Towa GS Single Line and GL Double Line labels, Monarch’s 1131, 1110, 1115, and 1136 labels, Signet labels, and Garvey 18-6 and 22-6/22-7/22-8 labels.  Meto’s 6.22/8.22 labels are also in stock.   With the exception of Towa’s GL line, which is not available in yellow, all labels from Towa and Monarch come in either fluorescent red, fluorescent green, yellow, or white.  Signet’s can be purchased in fluorescent red or green while Garvey’s labels are all either fluorescent red or white.  Meto’s labels can be purchased in either fluorescent red, yellow, or white.

Markang also offers labelers for use with each of the label brands.  These include Towa’s GS and GL, Signet’s, and Monarch’s 1131-01, 1131-02, 1110-2, and 1115-06 labelers.