Shopping Totes

Shopping totes are bags that help customers carry their purchases.  Though their role is seemingly simple, the styling of totes is important to any retailer who wants to present their customers with a shopping experience that is attractive and elegant from beginning to end.  As anything purchased at a store might stay with the buyer throughout a busy day, shopping totes also serve as a form of advertising, as an attractive tote bag can draw the attention of other prospective shoppers at a train station, restaurant, or other public space.  Totes are also often used a form of hassle-free wrapping for small gifts, such as jewelry.  A fine, charming tote can add elegance to such gift-giving experiences. 

At a practical level, however, totes are another form of protecting a purchase.  This is especially true for purchases that might have to stay by a shopper’s side during a long day that could be spent in windy, wet, or dusty conditions.  Shopping totes are therefore designed to withstand the stresses of normal weather exposure .

Markang Packaging offers a wide variety of shopping totes, both in terms of style and size.  The most basic are recycled brown paper bags that come in sizes of 8" + 4 3/4" x 10 ½”, 16" + 6" x 12", and 16" + 6" x 19 1/4".  Simple white paper bags with these dimensions can also be purchased.  Retailers who are looking for more dramatic totes, however, can select from the purple, Frosted Tote, Frosty Shoppers, Teal Blue Glossy, Pastel, and Zebra Print shopping tote series.  The Frosted Tote series, in particular, is an excellent choice for boutiques while the Glossy Tote shopping bags each come with a small card that allows the shopper to include a personal message if their purchase is intended as a gift.