4 Way Rack-Square Tubing

Arms are independently adjustable every 3" from 48" to 72". Includes adjustable levelers. Frame and legs are made of 1" square tubing. Inner uprights and arms are made of 0.83" square tubing. Each arm is 16"L with tab stop.
*Chrome finish
*Can use casters
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It's often easier to sell merchandise, especially uniquely styled or colorful pieces, if they can be displayed at varying heights and with enough surrounding space to make them more visible.  4-Way Racks, which allow several pieces to be seen in full by shoppers at once, are capable of making sure that every item gets the notice it deserves.  With 16" arms that feature tab stops and are independently adjustable every 3" from 48" to 72", Markang's 4-Way Rack gives businesses the flexibility they need to reveal their fine goods in a way that is both attractive and easy for customers to access.  Adjustable levelers, a chrome finish, and the capability to incorporate casters also make the 4-Way Rack a convenient and stylish addition to any store.  Frame and legs made of 1" square tubing and inner uprights and arms formed from 0.83" square tubing also add a high degree of durability.  Whether placed at the center of a street-level floor or near a checkout counter, the 4-Way Rack makes sale and specialty items pop out at any potential buyer.


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4 Way Rack-Square Tubing
4 Way Rack-Square Tubing