Antique Gold

Antique Gold Metal Earring Displays are our latest arrivals. Our new color looks beautiful up close and earrings look even better! This special color is sure to bring life and style to anywhere it is placed, whether it be for your store or for your earring collection in your bedroom.


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High Quality Paper Bags Make All The Difference!

Do you own a restaurant or a store? Have you had your paper bags rip because you had to “hold it from the bottom”? Everyone’s been there! But worry no more, because our paper bags come with durable handles that can hold up to 60 LBS! These bags are designed to hold heavy loads unlike other paper bags that rip very easily.

These durable bags come in 8 different sizes and 2 different colors. You can pick and choose between our many options to find the bags that fit your needs perfectly.

The Kraft Bags are a very green option. The Bags are made of recycled paper and they can be used over and over again. When the bag has reached it’s limit, you can recycle the bag again to keep the cycle going!

We also do custom bags for our customers. You can get your writing, logo, or both on 1 or 2 sides; with the choices of your own colors. Call us for quotes on the custom bags at 1-800-943-4224 (Toll free).

Happy Shopping!


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Beautiful Acrylic Watch Displays

We have just received 2 brand new acrylic watch displays! They are extremely easy to handle and they provide great displays; the are also budget friendly! They are very inexpensive yet the stylish.


The WC1 has two pieces that makes presenting the watch very simple. You only see the watch, it’s very discreet, because the actual product covers the display. The two pieces allow removing of the watch easy as you don’t have to take off the watch each time. The clear acrylic is beautiful just by itself. It will truly bring out the watch.

The WC2 has only one piece, but is very similar to the WC1. It has a slight difference in the angle that the watch is displayed at; the WC2 displays the watch a little bit lower than the WC1. So if you are placing them on an eye-level shelf, the WC2 is the logical option. Also, the WC2 has a band that is wider than the WC1′s.

Either watch display you choose, you will have a beautiful display for your watch.



Security First!

EAS security is the best prevention method against shoplifters today. They are tags that are placed on merchandise and trigger the alarm when an uncleared item passes through the security check. These pins and hard tags are most efficient when it comes to decreasing the number stolen items in departments stores and retail stores. Also, they are very difficult to remove without the proper detacher, providing even more security.

These hard tags work together with the security pins to attach to any type of clothing. The pins are very thing and they were designed not to damage any clothes. We sell Brand New Hard tags, as well as used Checkpoint Hard Tags for a little cheaper price. Our Hard Tag options are bound to fit your budget!

It is recommended that you purchase detachers for our Hard Tags if you do not already have them, because they are the only way to remove our Hard Tags from clothing and other material safely. We have one type of magnetic detacher that is very simple to use that any part time high school student can master after the first try!

We also have labels that will function the same as the hard tags but can be placed on boxed items instead of clothes. These security tags are very discreet because they are difficult to tell apart from regular bar codes. We carry two different types of soft labels: Soft Label Tags and Belgium Label Tags. The Belgium Label Tags are our more expensive option as the Belgians are famous for their quality EAS products they have been producing for a long time.


Last but  not least, we also have Lanyard tags. They come with 3″ loops and 5″ loops. They come extremely handy when items not simple as t-shirts and boxes need to be labeled. You just loop around any object and the Lanyard tag will function just as any of our other EAS tags. You can tag shoes, sunglasses, watches, etc. Our Lanyard Tags are extremely versatile because they can be placed on almost anything!



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Beautiful Acrylic Cases

There are many factors that must come together in order for a customer to feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. The aura of the store is a very important part of equation, and by aura I mean the look and feel of your store. We have three beautiful acrylic cases that can help your store achieve an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.

Our acrylic cases come in two, three, and four levels. They are light and easy to transport; the clear acrylic is very sturdy.  They also have a lock in the back for safety.

These acrylic cases make any Jewelry display look clean and presentable. You can put anything from Polystyrene Figurines to earring stands and necklace stands, whatever you’d like, as long as they fit. Don’t shy away from purchasing these cases if you don’t have a jewelry store, because you can place any type of product inside the acrylic cases. You will not regret purchasing an acrylic case from us!

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New Beige Linen Line!

Any Jewelry Supply store you go to, there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll see items in Black Faux Leather, White Faux Leather, and Black Velvet. Of course we carry those colors because they are the basic colors of Jewelry Displays, but now we also carry Beige Linen Jewelry Displays! These New Displays are definitely unique. The material is REAL Linen and when you get up close, you can even see the texture. The Linen also makes the Displays very sturdy and elegant at the same time.

The Beige Linen Jewelry Displays will give any atmosphere a very warm feeling. The Beige color compliments almost all colors of jewelry as well as many styles. You cannot go wrong with our Beige Linen Displays!

Our Beige Linen Line includes Beige Linen T-Bars, Beige Linen Necklace/Easel Stands, Beige Linen Ring Slots, Beige Linen Earring Stands, and more!

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T-Bars that stand for Tall Bars?

24″ White Leather T-Bar

24" Black Velvet T-Bar

24″ Black Velvet T-Bar

Does your store have any T-Bars? Do your necklaces touch your counter because they’re not tall enough? Look no further!

Our 24″ T-Bars will be a very special decor for any store. They are extremely tall for the purpose of displaying long necklaces or even bracelets at a new height. With your necklace or bracelet display hanging two feet tall above your counter, they are bound to grab the attention of any nearby customers!

We carry them in Black Velvet and White Leather. Both are very good options as both will accent any necklace or bracelet. I recommend that every store have at least one; you won’t regret it your decision! It’s impossible to go wrong with these T-Bars.

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Chicago Jewelry Supply Retailers Need to Help their Customers Mark Life’s Milestones

For a young couple a visit to the local jewelry shop can be a first step into the most important part of their lives.  For a couple approaching a retirement or golden anniversary, however, entering that same shop may mark the celebration of a life well lived.  Between these two passages are many of the moments that define life, family, and community.  Though jewelry is not love or friendship, it can be a symbol of those things.  When purchasing a watch, a necklace, or a ring for someone they care about, a shopper is finding a way to express the feelings they can’t necessarily put into words.  They visit the jewelry store, simply put, to find something as beautiful as the feelings they have for their loved ones.

Jewelers want their patrons to find something that can help express such feelings as loyalty, happiness, and love.  They understand that finding the ‘perfect’ piece of jewelry can be difficult, however, especially for customers who are unfamiliar with what is available.  Because of this, things like jewelry showcases, displays, and figurines are an essential part of the business as they help the shopper sort through what is available.  A showcase featuring a series of watches, for instance, can help a wife compare the various time pieces and select the right one for her husband.  That husband may first notice a necklace he will end up buying for her because it looked striking hanging from a neckline figurine in the same shop.  Whatever the individual situation may be, jewelry displays and supplies play an important part in helping the retailer match his customers with items that help them express how they feel to the special people in their lives.

We carry an extensive line of jewelry supplies, including displays like countertop showcases, display showcases, figurines, acrylic displays, T-bars, and racks.  Simply attracting the customer to a piece is only part of the experience of buying it, however, and so we also offer a line of quality jewelry boxes, including durable and elegant velour and Premium Rosewood boxes.

We pride ourselves in stocking every type of jewelry supply Chicago retailers might need to help their customers mark life’s milestones, and we’ve been doing so for nearly twenty years.  As we note our past, however, we also look, like the proverbial young couple in search of wedding bands, towards a productive future with our many business clients.


We Provide the Rugged Plastic Bags Chicago Needs to Stay Litter-Free

Chicago is a naturally beautiful city, however its charms are often degraded by the sight of the discolored and tattered plastic bags that line some of its streets and thoroughfares.  Whether one is a tourist from London or simply someone from Mt. Greenwood or Lincoln Square on their way to work, having to pass or drive by such loose refuse can take away from what is otherwise a striking and majestic skyline.  Such debris, simply put, is a type of ugliness that is unfit for a major metropolis, especially one that is graced by the world’s most impressive skyscrapers, homes, and parks.  The shopkeeper, as well, is always disgusted when, on their own way home from work, they come across a bag bearing their store’s logo on the street.  It’s embarrassing and does their business no good in the eye of the public.

It’s also precisely why we only care high quality, durable plastic bags.

Retailers have bagging needs that are as wide ranging as the products they sell.  Some specialize in small, boutique goods while others tend toward wholesale merchandising.  For this reason we offer a variety of bags, including T-shirt, Die Cut Handle, Dry Cleaner Poly, Garment, Poly and Reclosable Poly bags, as well as trash liners.  Though they come in various sizes, colors, and cuts, one of the things they have in common is their ability to resist even Chicago’s weather.

As we also offer customized printing for many of our bags, we know that retailers do not want to see the brands and logos they have worked hard to promote turned into the face of street litter.  For the retailer a bag is more than just something for carrying a product.  In the case of printed bags it’s also a form of advertisement.  When a customer walks down the street carrying fine goods that have been purchased in their store, that shopper is also telling others about the store.  People do, and will, ask that shopper about whatever sales they may have just experienced.  When it comes to plastic bags Chicago businesses can count on to inspire such inquiries, we’re your supplier.


A Single Plastic Bag Supplier Can Reduce Your Business’s Costs

Business is made easier, and more profitable, when things like supply chains can be simplified.  Though it’s often not possible to reduce the number of products being used, the life of a retailer or manufacturer can be simplified by limiting the number of suppliers they have to rely on.  This is true for things as basic as labels, packages, and even plastic bags.

Our mission is to make running your business easier so that you can focus on working with customers and developing your product line.  We understand, whether your operation is large or small, that you’ll probably need to use a variety of bags during any given business day.  This can range from ones used to package the goods a customer has just purchased, such as T-shirt and Die Cut Handle bags, to anything you might need to store or discard items from your showroom, shop, or warehouse, such as re-closeable poly bags and trash liners.  It’s easier for you, the business owner or manager, if you can order all of your bagging and packaging supplies from one source.

We also realize that something as simple as a plastic bag is more than a container for purchases.  It can also be a form of advertisement.  Whether a shopper takes the train, a bus, or just walks home, dozens of other potential customers will spot the bags they are carrying their new purchases in.  A bag, then, can become a walking billboard.  Other than introducing possible patrons to your store, bags that bear your logo can generate buzz if they are seen frequently enough.  You’ve worked hard to start your business, select quality products for it to carry, and develop positive relationships with your clientele, so don’t you want everyone on the train or at the restaurant across the street to notice how many customers you have?

If you’ve been looking among plastic bag suppliers for a partner that can provide your business with any type of bag it might need, including bags that can be printed with its logo, then you have found the right place.  We’ve been helping Chicago area businesses with their packaging needs for nearly twenty years.  We’d love to start helping your business with its packaging needs today.