Beautiful Acrylic Watch Displays

We have just received 2 brand new acrylic watch displays! They are extremely easy to handle and they provide great displays; the are also budget friendly! They are very inexpensive yet the stylish.


The WC1 has two pieces that makes presenting the watch very simple. You only see the watch, it’s very discreet, because the actual product covers the display. The two pieces allow removing of the watch easy as you don’t have to take off the watch each time. The clear acrylic is beautiful just by itself. It will truly bring out the watch.

The WC2 has only one piece, but is very similar to the WC1. It has a slight difference in the angle that the watch is displayed at; the WC2 displays the watch a little bit lower than the WC1. So if you are placing them on an eye-level shelf, the WC2 is the logical option. Also, the WC2 has a band that is wider than the WC1′s.

Either watch display you choose, you will have a beautiful display for your watch.


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