Chicago Jewelry Supply Retailers Need to Help their Customers Mark Life’s Milestones

For a young couple a visit to the local jewelry shop can be a first step into the most important part of their lives.  For a couple approaching a retirement or golden anniversary, however, entering that same shop may mark the celebration of a life well lived.  Between these two passages are many of the moments that define life, family, and community.  Though jewelry is not love or friendship, it can be a symbol of those things.  When purchasing a watch, a necklace, or a ring for someone they care about, a shopper is finding a way to express the feelings they can’t necessarily put into words.  They visit the jewelry store, simply put, to find something as beautiful as the feelings they have for their loved ones.

Jewelers want their patrons to find something that can help express such feelings as loyalty, happiness, and love.  They understand that finding the ‘perfect’ piece of jewelry can be difficult, however, especially for customers who are unfamiliar with what is available.  Because of this, things like jewelry showcases, displays, and figurines are an essential part of the business as they help the shopper sort through what is available.  A showcase featuring a series of watches, for instance, can help a wife compare the various time pieces and select the right one for her husband.  That husband may first notice a necklace he will end up buying for her because it looked striking hanging from a neckline figurine in the same shop.  Whatever the individual situation may be, jewelry displays and supplies play an important part in helping the retailer match his customers with items that help them express how they feel to the special people in their lives.

We carry an extensive line of jewelry supplies, including displays like countertop showcases, display showcases, figurines, acrylic displays, T-bars, and racks.  Simply attracting the customer to a piece is only part of the experience of buying it, however, and so we also offer a line of quality jewelry boxes, including durable and elegant velour and Premium Rosewood boxes.

We pride ourselves in stocking every type of jewelry supply Chicago retailers might need to help their customers mark life’s milestones, and we’ve been doing so for nearly twenty years.  As we note our past, however, we also look, like the proverbial young couple in search of wedding bands, towards a productive future with our many business clients.


A Gorgeous Countertop Display Helps Make a Clerk a Professional

A sale often begins with a smile, but a smile is only convincing if it is backed with confidence.  A sales clerk, especially one who is new to retailing, will not have a strong sense of that confidence if they are standing behind a weathered or undignified looking cabinet.  They might not have it at all if, without a case to hold their merchandise, they have been reduced to constantly rearranging and cleaning the items they’re hoping a passing customer will notice.  Even worse, they might not have as much faith in those products if they look haphazard or dirty due to their not being safely secured within a case.

For these reasons, a quality countertop display is essential to sales, especially for stores that specialize in small, quality items that must retain their beauty at all times.  Jewelry will not sell, nor will it even attract up market buyers, if it is loosely arranged along a countertop.  Such items, even if they are inherently elegant, will not have the same allure as a fine piece of craftsmanship that’s being both preserved and safeguarded behind a plate of tempered glass.  The value of items like these, be they antique coins, exotic toys, or a set of diamond earrings, is enhanced, even, by the moment in which the sales clerk slowly removes them from the case and, as if revealing a mystery, first shows them to the potential buyer.

A countertop showcase, however, can only add to the likelihood of a sale if it is both sturdy and dignified.  Our countertop display cases are manufactured with aluminum radius edged frames and key-locks, granting them a strength and resistance to corrosion or theft that isn’t found in plastic showcases.  They are also fabricated with sliding doors made of tempered glass that easily resist the discoloration and scratching that often make cabinets molded from transparent plastic look undignified.  Finally, our displays, which come in three different sizes of 30″ x 18″ x 9″, 14″ x 12″ x 27″, and 24″ x 12″ x 18″, are each available with either a silver or pewter finish, making them a fit for the décor of any shop or boutique.

Whether a place of business is showcasing jewelry, sports collectibles, or antiques, its clerks and sales representatives will always have the added confidence needed to greet a customer if they are standing behind a sturdy and elegant showcase.


Aluminum Tempered Glass Countertop Showcases

Change your countertop space into an exciting effective merchandising opportunity. Countertop showcases are great for displaying jewelry, giftware, electronics, cameras, cell phones and more.

For retailers that do not have enough space for a showcase, but would like to present an upscale image, these aluminum tempered glass countertop showcases with sliding glass doors, key-lock and radius edge aluminum frames are a great solution.

These cases are also great for trade shows and are available in 3 different sizes and 2 different colors.

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