Security First!

EAS security is the best prevention method against shoplifters today. They are tags that are placed on merchandise and trigger the alarm when an uncleared item passes through the security check. These pins and hard tags are most efficient when it comes to decreasing the number stolen items in departments stores and retail stores. Also, they are very difficult to remove without the proper detacher, providing even more security.

These hard tags work together with the security pins to attach to any type of clothing. The pins are very thing and they were designed not to damage any clothes. We sell Brand New Hard tags, as well as used Checkpoint Hard Tags for a little cheaper price. Our Hard Tag options are bound to fit your budget!

It is recommended that you purchase detachers for our Hard Tags if you do not already have them, because they are the only way to remove our Hard Tags from clothing and other material safely. We have one type of magnetic detacher that is very simple to use that any part time high school student can master after the first try!

We also have labels that will function the same as the hard tags but can be placed on boxed items instead of clothes. These security tags are very discreet because they are difficult to tell apart from regular bar codes. We carry two different types of soft labels: Soft Label Tags and Belgium Label Tags. The Belgium Label Tags are our more expensive option as the Belgians are famous for their quality EAS products they have been producing for a long time.


Last but  not least, we also have Lanyard tags. They come with 3″ loops and 5″ loops. They come extremely handy when items not simple as t-shirts and boxes need to be labeled. You just loop around any object and the Lanyard tag will function just as any of our other EAS tags. You can tag shoes, sunglasses, watches, etc. Our Lanyard Tags are extremely versatile because they can be placed on almost anything!



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