Jewelry Boxes Safeguard the Gift of Love

Jewelry isn’t just gems and bands of gold.  It’s a present, a token of affection, and possibly a symbol of love that’s exchanged between two people at a special time in their lives.  It has meaning and value that goes beyond the price of stone and metal.  For this reason everything about the moment in which a set of earrings, necklace, or ring is bestowed upon someone has to be perfect, including the box it is presented in as the second in which that box is opened will never be forgotten by either person.  For some it will signify an anniversary, for others a great achievement, and, as with a moment in which a jewelry box is opened to unveil a ring, the most joyous of all beginnings.

We offer boxes that are appropriate for any jewelry or delicate pieces that might be a part of such special moments.  Retailers can choose from a wide selection, in terms of type, styling, and size, to accompany whatever precious goods their shops might sell.  These include boxes that are specifically sized for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.  In particular, we carry lines of cotton filled, regular and flower bow tie, velour, crystal, faux leather and wood, and premium rosewood jewelry boxes.  Our cotton filled boxes, in particular, are perfect for shops that carry items other than jewelry, as their padded, pliable interiors are a great fit for antiques, coins, and other irregularly sized collectibles.  Wrapped in small ribbons, our line of linen, pearly, or flower bow tie boxes, which come in colors ranging from light whites and pinks to striking blues, are a soft and feminine fit for any gift that is expected to charm.  Though jewelry is usually given with an element of surprise in mind, those wishing to let their loved ones in on the secret just a second early might be interested in our Crystal Jewelry boxes.

Sometimes jewelry boxes are counted on to carry rings or other valuables that are expected to symbolize the test of time.  For this reason, our velour and premium rosewood boxes convey both the certitude, durability, and gentle grace that is expected to accompany moments that mark graduations, anniversaries, and, of course, engagements.  For any retailer who deals in valuables that are expected to be a part of such passages in life, strong and beautiful boxes like these are an essential part of their trade.


The Charm of Cotton Jewelry Boxes is Found in Protecting Your Charms

There are few experiences in life worse than that of having saved money to buy something of beauty, something that is intended to make a loved one happy, only to arrive home and find, whether it is jewelry, a Victorian antique, or some small work of art, that its delicate lines and details have been scratched or broken while being carried back from the store.  This sadness can be especially profound when such an item is meant to commemorate a special occasion or anniversary.  Though the shopper and would-be gift giver is let down by moments when a precious gift is marred by crude packaging, the retailer, as well, feels unhappy knowing that an item they have sold someone, an item that they selected for their store due to its uniqueness and quality, has lost value almost as soon as its transaction was completed.  For this reason cotton jewelry boxes are more than just an attractive way to store a valuable item: They’re also essential for protecting that value.

Many items that can be purchased at a fine retailer will have secure, sturdy boxes that come from the supplier with the product.  There are many products, like antique pins, sports memorabilia, coins, or after-market jewelry, that the retailer may have purchased without an accompanying case, however.  To help with the display and transport of such items a type of padded, yet dignified and appealing, box is often necessary.

We currently offer a wide variety of cotton filled jewelry boxes, both in terms of size and styling.  These include the reserved, modest Glossy Black and Pinstripe lines, which work well with items intended for both men and women, and the more noticeable Zebra and Leopard Print boxes.  Our White Swirl, Brown Kraft, Silver and Gold Foil, and Pastel boxes are also popular with various types of retailers and specialty shops.  All, of course, are noted for their sturdiness as well as their eye-catching designs, as each is lined with fine, shock-absorbing cotton fiber.  Each series is also available in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from 2 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1″ to 7 1/8″ x 5 1/8″ x 1 1/8″.

Both retailers and shoppers want to protect a recently purchased valuable.  As such items are often gifts they must also be guarded within a box that projects the professionalism of the store from which they were purchased and the thoughtfulness of the purchaser.  Ours do this with both class and elegance.


Love Leopard!

Our newest addition to the cotton filled jewelry box, and paper bag collection is the trendy leopard! The cotton filled boxes come in 7 different sizes and the paper bags come in 4 different sizes.

If you’re looking for a stylish and economical way to package your accessories, our new leopard print will be sure to bring fun and fashion to your business with minimal cost.

* Jewelry box #21 leopard is not shown.

Matching paper bags are the perfect way to finish off the packaging of all of the season’s best accessories.

Leopard print paper bags are available in sizes 4×6, 5×7, 6×9, and 8.5×11.

* Glossy Black Jewelry Boxes are also available.

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Assorted Shopping Totes With Matching Jewelry Boxes

Our Assorted Shopping Totes are the perfect compliment to our Flower Bow Tie  Jewelry Boxes and Hat Boxes. Each case comes assorted with 8 different colors: yellow, navy blue, orange, lime green, sky blue, pink, lavender, and red.

The Assorted Shopping Totes come in 5 different sizes to fit a variety of different jewelry box sizes.

Flower Bow Tie Jewelry Boxes series features linen textured paper boxes, flower bow ties, and flocked foam inserts. This series comes in 7 different sizes to fit all of your packaging needs.

The Flower Bow Tie Hat Box collection is packed with a random assortment of 48 colors and shapes.


Next week we will be adding the assorted cotton filled boxes to this collection for all of our customers looking for a more cost effective option! More information coming soon!

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Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes

With the holidays just around the corner, many retailers like to give a little extra to their customers to show how much they appreciate their business. Cotton filled boxes are a popular item used all year around, but for those retailers who wish to offer them during holiday purchases, they are the perfect added touch to any accessory. Cotton filled jewelry boxes are economical options for any retailer. We also offer an eco-friendly option with our recycled kraft boxes.

White Swirl cotton filled boxes are great for fashion accessories all year around. The crisp white color, and delicate swirl texture makes the White Swirl line one of the most popular.

The Gold and Silver Foil cotton filled boxes are great for fine jewelry, and for holiday merchandise.  The metallic colors, and the elegant foil texture compliment all jewelry pieces.

The recycled Kraft cotton filled boxes are great for going green. Retailers love the natural kraft color with all of their colorful bead and stone jewelry.

For the fun and trendy retailers, the Zebra print cotton filled boxes are always a big hit. For those who love black and white, the Zebra print will always brighten up your day!

Black and white zebras are fun, but if you just like black, we have that too! The Black Glossy cotton filled box presents a sleek reflective exterior, making it perfect for not only women’s accessories, but men’s accessories as well.

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