Sometimes It’s a Roll of Thermal Paper that You’re Looking For

Businesses run on dreams, try to sell quality products, and work to make sure that every customer’s visit is fun.  The people who own businesses are proud and, if they’re doing a good job, their employees are proud, too.  A business, in this sense, can come to embody the ideals of the American way of life: Belief in a better future, building communities, and showing pride in one’s labor.  But the day to day realities of any commercial operation, however, tend to involve matters that are seemingly trivial.  These include taking inventory, balancing budgets and checking the books, and even cleaning the shop.  It also includes maintaining all the equipment that shop might rely on.  This includes things like printers, computers, and, of course, registers.

At first glance, well, at first glance no one ever notices the register.  That’s probably because it seems to be the one piece of equipment a store has that never seems to break down or be out of service… Until it becomes so overlooked that someone forgets to buy thermal paper for it.

Unlike machines that use ink cartridges to print, most registers, as well as business calculators and other adding machines, use thermal paper to create receipts and other records.  The advantage of this paper, which is chemically treated in a way that causes it to change color when exposed to heat, is that it allows machines to print on it without the need for expensive inks and toners.  This ultimately lowers costs for business owners and extends the lifetime of their counting machines.  Unfortunately, this supremely reliable technology is occasionally overlooked by managers who then find themselves having to find replacement rolls before the next business day.

We understand that essential stock can be overlooked, including various types of paper, bags, and packaging supplies.  For this reason, among other products, we always keep the same paper that works in your register on hand.  We currently offers these rolls in sizes that fit any machine, including 1 3/4” 8091 CS and PK, 2 1/4” 8909 CS and PK, and 3 1/8” 8007 CS and PK rolls.