Stylish Shopping Totes Belong by the Side of a Stylish Lady

For many people shopping can turn into a full day’s work.  They’ll go from one shop to another or, even if they only stop at one retailer, might make a day of it with their friends and relatives.  This means they could find themselves eating at a fine restaurant, sitting by a fountain downtown, or even waiting with others for the train.  They will, however, be with other people, be they familiars or strangers, throughout the day, and so they’ll also want to carry the wonderful items they just purchased in a tote that is both classy and fitting for someone who is out on the town.  The need for such attractive bags is all the more important if the buyer intends to use them in lieu of gift wrapping, as even the most majestic present can seem less so in an ugly or flimsy tote.  For the retailer, as well, the quality of the packaging they put their sale goods in is important because, other than the natural desire to provide a thoroughly elegant shopping experience for their customers, they also know that anyone that shopper meets at another store, restaurant, or even on the train might first be introduced to their own products by the bags they are being carried in.

Our fine line of shopping totes is designed for the retailer who is committed to providing their customers with this type of complete buying experience.  Just as they want their patrons to feel comfortable while shopping, they also want any goods that have been bought to be carried with the pride and happiness that comes with a satisfying purchase.  For this reason we offer a variety of boutique shopping bags, including Frosted Totes, which have rope handles and reinforced bottoms, elegant Frosty Shoppers, which are made from high density plastic, Teal Blue Glossies, which come with personal gift cards, a series of assorted Pastel Totes, and the eye-catching Zebra Totes.

In addition to these stylish lines, we are proud to offer a series of recycled paper shopping bags.  We realize that our customers are both environmentally conscious and in need of bags that can withstand the wear and tear their patrons might experience during an otherwise perfect day of shopping.


Assorted Shopping Totes With Matching Jewelry Boxes

Our Assorted Shopping Totes are the perfect compliment to our Flower Bow Tie  Jewelry Boxes and Hat Boxes. Each case comes assorted with 8 different colors: yellow, navy blue, orange, lime green, sky blue, pink, lavender, and red.

The Assorted Shopping Totes come in 5 different sizes to fit a variety of different jewelry box sizes.

Flower Bow Tie Jewelry Boxes series features linen textured paper boxes, flower bow ties, and flocked foam inserts. This series comes in 7 different sizes to fit all of your packaging needs.

The Flower Bow Tie Hat Box collection is packed with a random assortment of 48 colors and shapes.


Next week we will be adding the assorted cotton filled boxes to this collection for all of our customers looking for a more cost effective option! More information coming soon!

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