We Provide the Rugged Plastic Bags Chicago Needs to Stay Litter-Free

Chicago is a naturally beautiful city, however its charms are often degraded by the sight of the discolored and tattered plastic bags that line some of its streets and thoroughfares.  Whether one is a tourist from London or simply someone from Mt. Greenwood or Lincoln Square on their way to work, having to pass or drive by such loose refuse can take away from what is otherwise a striking and majestic skyline.  Such debris, simply put, is a type of ugliness that is unfit for a major metropolis, especially one that is graced by the world’s most impressive skyscrapers, homes, and parks.  The shopkeeper, as well, is always disgusted when, on their own way home from work, they come across a bag bearing their store’s logo on the street.  It’s embarrassing and does their business no good in the eye of the public.

It’s also precisely why we only care high quality, durable plastic bags.

Retailers have bagging needs that are as wide ranging as the products they sell.  Some specialize in small, boutique goods while others tend toward wholesale merchandising.  For this reason we offer a variety of bags, including T-shirt, Die Cut Handle, Dry Cleaner Poly, Garment, Poly and Reclosable Poly bags, as well as trash liners.  Though they come in various sizes, colors, and cuts, one of the things they have in common is their ability to resist even Chicago’s weather.

As we also offer customized printing for many of our bags, we know that retailers do not want to see the brands and logos they have worked hard to promote turned into the face of street litter.  For the retailer a bag is more than just something for carrying a product.  In the case of printed bags it’s also a form of advertisement.  When a customer walks down the street carrying fine goods that have been purchased in their store, that shopper is also telling others about the store.  People do, and will, ask that shopper about whatever sales they may have just experienced.  When it comes to plastic bags Chicago businesses can count on to inspire such inquiries, we’re your supplier.

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